A timeline of Amplify's evolution

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August 2017

Version 1

Main Dashboard

Offers a quick summary of retained hours remaining (including any rollover from last month) against progression of the current calendar month, illustrating how efficiently your time and money are being used. The dashboard also reports hours used last month, hours at risk, the potential for next month and any overtime to be charged in excess of the retainer.

Breakdown Screen

Displays a clean list of all projects that have had time spent on them this month, ordered by time spent. The amount of time spent is accurately displayed in hours (to the nearest quarter) and illustrated by an orange bar where the project with the most time spent has a bar of 100%. All other projects are relative to this.

Photography Library

Access to all photography we have on file for each account is integrated. The photography section offers all photos split into albums for convenience and clarity. Any amends we do to any photo in-house are immediately updated online for review.

Support & Resources

Harvest for Amplify (this website) is built and launched as a educational support manual available for anyone to view freely online. Accessible at or in the main navigation of the Amplify system once securely logged in.


Answers to frequently asked questions

We've complied a list of the most common questions asked regarding what and why Amplify is and how it works.

If you can't find answers to a question you have within the FAQ, please get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you though it.

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A glimpse into Amplify's evolution

The Ad-Hoc Dashboard

In the middle of the development process to build Amplify for Retained Clients we agreed that Amplify could be also useful to clients not on a retainer (Ad-Hoc Clients). The Ad-Hoc dashboard (coming in V2) will be useful for reporting projects' budgetary and chronological progression over the entire lifetime of every active project, whilst offering the same secure and convenient real-time destination to view your entire photography library. But it can be so much more...

As Amplify is built around our retainer service, the foundation of data needed is focused on this month and last month, and that's it - really focused. In coming versions we'll be re-engineering the timelines so that all clients can get a sense of the entire history of each of their projects. That's a lot of data, but we're up for it.

Amplify Mobile App

Amplify has a great web interface that has been designed to work really well on mobiles and tablets too. They say that the better something does its job, the more people take it for granted and we're damn sure that your clients will quickly get used to accessing their real-time reports whenever they want, wherever they want - meaning developing an Amplify app makes perfect sense.

If Amplify plays-out as well as we think it will, Serosensa will indeed invest in a full-blown suite of apps long-term. In the interim we have already started work on web-apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

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Feature Requests

If you think something is missing, let us know!

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