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First of all, welcome to Amplify. If you have need any assistance, have any questions, suggestions or feature requests, please email us using the relevant contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We've already created your admin account enabling you to reign over your users' accounts - please log in with the following details:

  • Amplify Address -
  • Your Email
  • Your Password

Once you're logged in, you'll need to complete the initial setup to get up and running. Amplify will guide you through the 3 main steps.

Step 1 - Agency Details

Step 2 - Initial Harvest Data Import

Step 3 - Add Your Users

You can return to the setup screen at any point by clicking on the Initial Setup Screen button within the Admin Panel.

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Step 1

Agency Details

Agency Setup

This includes details about your agency, and connection details for Harvest.

You'll need to enter your Agency Name, Default Base Rate and Default Retainer Rate, choose whether you want to use the Rollover Feature, set the Default Max Spend for clients. You can also add an optional Logo (white single-colour SVG highly recommended).

Default Base Rate - This is your standard full hourly rate and applies to Ad-Hoc and Retained clients. You can change this at any time.

Default Retainer Rate - This is your hourly rate for retained clients (typically cheaper than your base rate) and applies only to Retained clients. If you have no retained clients, just enter your base rate. You can change this at anytime.

Rollover - Specifically for retainers, Amplify has the option to rollover any unspent hours in the current month into the next month, so your clients' work requirements can be variable whilst their costs remain steady.

Default Max Spend - The Max Spend value is a theoretical credit limit applied only to your ad-hoc clients. Enter the maximum amount of unbudgeted hours you are happy to work before you start to worry about their account getting out of hand. You can adjust this for each client at any time.

Harvest Details

To allow Amplify to use data from Harvest, it requires access to your Harvest account. Your Harvest password is securely stored in an encrypted format, and your details are never shared with others.

It's important to note that Amplify cannot write to Harvest, so an Amplify user or admin cannot accidentally make changes to Harvest data.

The Harvest user with which Amplify logs in must have full administrator permissions to see clients, projects and time entries in order for Amplify to sync correctly (in Harvest, click Team > Person > Edit Profile > Basic Info > Permissions: Administrator).

Enter your Harvest Username (your email address), your Harvest Password and the name of your Harvest Account (the first part of the url you visit to view your Harvest timesheets - This cannot be changed once entries are imported.

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Step 2

Initial Harvest Data Import

Depending on the size of your Harvest data, the initial import generally takes a few minutes and does not include time entries (which is the bulk of the data).

Time entries will be automatically imported on a regular schedule once this step is complete. You can also manually import Time Entries within your Admin Panel (if you just can't wait for the next 'half-past' or 'o'clock').

Depending on the size of your Harvest time entry data, the very first Time Entry import can take a significant amount of time (typically between 15mins and 2 hours) but you don't need to do anything as it's automatic, although you may experience inaccurate data until this is complete.

So in the meantime, here's Step 3...

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Step 3

Add Your Users

Here you can add your clients as well as additional admin users. Choose the Client in question from the dropdown, enter First Name, Last Name, their Email Address and give them a Password (which can be changed later if needed).

Please note we do not send an email to any users you add so you have time to set everyone up while the automated time entry import runs for the first time. Amplify was concieved as a delighter for your clients, meaning you can surprise them when you are ready, any way you like.

If you are adding an Admin user for your agency, select the Make Admin checkbox and ensure the Client selected is your own agency.

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Further Clarity

Notes on the above

Change a default dashboard into a Retainer Dashboard

In order to make an Ad-Hoc Dashboard (which all clients have initially) into a Retainer Dashboard, you'll need to add at least 1 retained hour to the client in question. Visit Manage Clients > Change. Under Current Rate, update the Retainer Hours to a positive number, click Update and take a look at the brand new Retainer Dashboard for that client!

If you ever want to change them back in to an Ad-Hoc Client, simply change their Retained Hours back to 0 and their dashboard transforms accordingly.

Admin Features

You should add users for your agency as Admins - this will give them access to view and manage ALL clients and agency settings. Note that a user belonging to a client other than your agency cannot be an admin.

When viewing the admin panel, you will see links to various admin functions. You can also access these functions from a Client Dashboard using the circular A button in the top-right corner of every Client Dashboard which gives access to the admin area.

Harvest Data Imports

Once you have run the initial harvest data import when you first set up Amplify, you do not have to run any further manual imports. Amplify automatically imports data throughout the day and also runs more thorough updates overnight (for instance, removing entries deleted from Harvest, updating historic entries).

Should you need to run a manual import at any other time, options are available on the admin page. Note that due to caching, some data may not appear to update immediately, and some commands can take a long time to execute - it is best to wait until the automatic import runs if possible.

Deleting Amplify Users

If you need to delete an Amplify (as opposed to Harvest) user, you can do this by selecting Manage Clients, choosing the relevant client for the user, and scrolling to the Manage Users section. You cannot delete your own user. Amplify users are not tied to Harvest users.

What Clients See

Whilst Admin users can view the dashboard of any client, non-admin users can only view data relevant to the client to which they belong. Furthermore, clients will not see their ID number at the end of urls and will simply see the page name, such as '/dashboard' or '/active-projects' rather than '/dashboard/10'

Retainer and Ad-Hoc (non-retainer) clients will see a different dashboard, showing either data from the current month (retainer) or for all active and recently-archived projects (Ad-Hoc)

Rates and Retainers

All clients have an hourly rate set for work. This hourly rate is set when the client is initially created, and is based on the defaults set for your agency overall.

A client's hourly rate can be modified on the 'manage client' page. An end-date can be set for a rate, allowing for different rates at different times.

You can also add a pre-set number of hours to a clients rate. This makes the client a 'retainer' client. A retainer allows a client to pre-agree a number of hours work in advance, and the client will then be shown the number of hours remaining in their retainer pot on their Dashboard.

You have the option as to whether unused hours from a retainer should be allowed to roll-over to the next month (hours only roll over for one month - if unused after the second month they are considered to be lost). You can set this option under 'agency config' from the Admin Panel.

Hours worked over the agreed retainer hours are considered to be 'overtime' and are displayed separately on a retained client's dashboard. You can choose per-client whether overtime hours are on the same or a greater rate than the retainer hours.

Deleting Clients / Projects / Time Entries

If you need to delete a client, project, or time entry, simply delete them in Harvest as normal. Amplify will update accordingly by the following day. Similarly, you can mark a client as inactive in Harvest and it will be removed from the display of Active Clients in Amplify.

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Learn what you'll need in order to get the Amplify advantage


The only thing you'll absolutely need to rollout Amplify to your clients is Harvest - a beautifully simple time tracking service targeted at creative agencies and freelancers that we've been using for years. (FREE - $12 per month)

The Monthly Retainer Model (optional)

Retained clients pre-pay for a predetermined amount of hours each month which are typically discounted in exchange for the security and reliable revenue they provide. Amplify is an incredible client-reporting tool when it comes to monitoring a retainer and even supports the rollover model, giving your clients full disclosure on where their accounts are at any point-in-time meaning they always, always feel connected and at ease with what you're doing.

Lightroom Mobile (optional)

Lightroom Mobile is the amazing online half of Adobe Lightroom CC - The industry-standard editing & management software for pro photographers. Syncing photography to Lightroom's incredibly capable web service requires a Lightroom CC trial or a paid Adobe Creative Cloud membership which includes the latest versions of Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC ($10 per month).

Adobe ID (optional for clients)

In order for your clients to be able to give realtime feedback with likes and comments on any photo you hold for them in Amplify's Lightroom library, they'll need to get a free Adobe ID (link). They can then sign in from anywhere in the world and feedback instantly into your own Adobe Lightroom software. It's like magic.

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Feature Requests

If you think something is missing, let us know!

Thank you - we will be in touch soon
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A glimpse into Amplify's evolution

The Ad-Hoc Dashboard

In the middle of the development process to build Amplify for Retained Clients we agreed that Amplify could be also useful to clients not on a retainer (Ad-Hoc Clients). The Ad-Hoc dashboard (coming in V2) will be useful for reporting projects' budgetary and chronological progression over the entire lifetime of every active project, whilst offering the same secure and convenient real-time destination to view your entire photography library. But it can be so much more...

As Amplify is built around our retainer service, the foundation of data needed is focused on this month and last month, and that's it - really focused. In coming versions we'll be re-engineering the timelines so that all clients can get a sense of the entire history of each of their projects. That's a lot of data, but we're up for it.

Amplify Mobile App

Amplify has a great web interface that has been designed to work really well on mobiles and tablets too. They say that the better something does its job, the more people take it for granted and we're damn sure that your clients will quickly get used to accessing their real-time reports whenever they want, wherever they want - meaning developing an Amplify app makes perfect sense.

If Amplify plays-out as well as we think it will, Serosensa will indeed invest in a full-blown suite of apps long-term. In the interim we have already started work on web-apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

We've complied a list of the most common questions asked regarding what and why Amplify is and how it works.

If you can't find answers to a question you have within the FAQ, please get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you though it.

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